Taxpayer Defense

A standard tax payer is often reached by recovery tax claims and must exctricate himself from the branches of  tax offices, facing tax payments slips and payment cards which many times do not find a well-founded tax debit. Lexperto & Partners search for the best solution to the dispute with  Tax Authorities and related entities, simplifying and rationalizing payments.

Therefore, based on the financial administration’s economic request, an appropriate defensive strategy is elaborated, using all the alternative routes made available, such as the deflationary instruments of tax litigation that allow a contradictory composition of the parties in a more streamlined and less burdensome way. avoiding possible expensive and perennial appeals to the Tax Commission.

Main services

Rescheduling of tax debts and payment extension of INPS contributions

Use of deflating instruments:


  • Internal review procedures
  • Adherence to tax assessment reports
  • Acceptance of the invitation  by tax autorities
  • Tax Settlement
  • Mediation
  • Tax appeal