Tax compliance


As we know, more than in many other Countries, taxation in Italy is a  tough and cumbersome subject, totally pervading both  taxpayers’ personal life  and companies’ business life. Therefore it is necessary, if not obligatory, to have trained professional figures able to assist the customer and punctually carry out all tax obligations the latter has to fulfill; Lexperto & Partners’  TAX  Area aims to help customer companies to honor the stages of the fiscal schedule, constantly at work and filled with new appointments with the Tax Office; all deadlines will be reported to the customer well in advance in order to help him allocate the budget he reserved for taxation.

This principle applies to all ordinary management requirements which have to be carried out, especially for those concerning the final declarative moment of  self-employed or companies that consists in filling Declaration Annual Return; giving an accurate accounting classification, the final economic and financial situation at the closing of tax period will be submitted to a careful review by our team of professionals . Thanks to our structure’s  modern computerized procedures and to the  Inland Revenue Agency’s software, formal and merit checks are carried out to verify any critical issues concerning the allocation of accounting items in the declarative fields or regarding non-deductibility of costs.

Attention and  competence in our work  are determining factors and support  reduction of  tax claims, that is the consequent decrease in the episodes of tax recovery operated by Financial Administrations.


Main services

– Tax assessment of the fiscal year
– Drafting and electronic submission  of Declaration Annual Return / PF  / SP  / SC – Model  with the related  system for calculating the presumed income of particular categories of taxpayers and Parameters
– Determination of the VAT Payment
– Preparation of monthly or quarterly VAT and other tax payments  such as National social welfare insitution (INPS), personal income tax (IRPEF) / corporate income tax (IRES), regional income tax (IRAP) and miscellaneous

– Intrastat models
– Annual  Register of income and expenses
– Black List Communications

– Calculation of IMU (Combined municipal property tax) and TASI (Indivisible services tax)
– F24 compilation and preparation of electronic debit authorization through the Intermediary
– Compliance with  Communication with Chamber of Commerce, Revenue Agency, National social welfare institution and National Institute for insurance against industrial injuries
– Lease contracts registration

– Succession practices
– Remaining services