Accounting and Balance sheet


Accounting records are kept and processed according to the law in the interest of  economic subjects such as individual companies, professionals and self-employed workers, partnerships and stock companies. Our pool of professionals, through the latest generation of accounting and tax management software provided from Germany, will prepare the accounts in a timely manner. According to the corresponding legal provision, whether you need simplified or ordinary accountancy, it will always be updated so as to provide a report on costs/revenues and all types of used accounts at your request; this account will be very useful both for the purposes of an operational planning for company activities and  for tax planning purposes, so that the entrepreneur  might evaluate tax burden  for the current year in close cooperation with the dedicated professional.
Our allocated resource  will directly relate to the customer and will be his reference point for issues related to accountancy in order to ensure professional work in a customized way, readily supplementing new business records.


Accounting services

  • Registration of Account documentation
  • Upload account doc in Icloud
  • Book Keeping
  • Fiscal year balance sheet editing
  • Monitoring of accounting situations through a monthly / quarterly report
  • Domiciliation of corporate legal offices at our office
  • Alternative storage of accounting documents in digital format