Areas covered by legal dispute


  1. RENT : License or eviction for rent termination  rent termination notices, eviction for expired housing rents, notice of eviction for expired non-residential rents), eviction due to arrearage,court order upholding the notice to vacate or the notice of eviction, opposition to validation, claims for  reimbursement of rents, claims for revision of rents, claims for indemnification for goodwill
  2. ENFORCEMENT: enforcement orders and orders to pay, enforcement, opposition to the enforcement, opposition to the enforcement measures, forced eviction, the attachment (foreclosure of movable properties, direct foreclosures, attachment of immovable property and  attachment of the funds).
  3. CONSUMER RIGHTS: consumer contracts in general, legal protection of consumers (unfair clauses, contracts negotiated in commercial premises, contracts negotiated away from business premises, distance contracts, e-commerce), tourist services (contracts, tourist packages, transfer of contract, termination, liability for personal injuries, claim, insurance, guarantee fund, subrogation), liability for damage from defective products, commercial guarantees for consumer goods.
  4. TAX LAW: appeals against tax assessments, administrative impounds and mortgages at regional tax courts.
  5. LABOR LAW: labor disputes, mandatory attempt at conciliation, disputes relating to social security and mandatory assistance.

    Brackets indicate the types of actions that will be set up for the various areas covered by the dispute

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