Areas subject to Consultancy


  1. Succession: succession of heirs, statutory interstate succession, testate succession,  division of inheritance, transcription or entry of the inherited acquisition, donation.
  2. IP Intellectual Property: the trademark (function, validity requirements, types, registration, transfer), legal protection of trademarks, copyright (copyright assignment contract, copyright assignment contract), domain name (agreements or loans for use of domain names), advertising (misleading and comparative advertising, judicial protection).
  3. Contracts: sale contracts (sale contract of mobile goods, contract for the sale sale of real estate, contract for the sale of property under construction), preliminary contract (sale of land to physical person and / or company, sale of building under construction), exchange, administration, lease contract (for residential and commercial use), contract, work contract, sponsorship contract, bartering.
  4. Lease and Rent: Rental of urban property (withdrawal, cancellation, sale), Rental of property for non-residential use (commercial, industrial, craft, cancellation, withdrawal, sale), lease of movable property, sublease contract , lease contract, loan contract.

Reasoned opinions are guaranteed on the basis of the most recent case law, as well as the drafting of the aforementioned contracts.

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