Work Safety Regulations


The Firm constantly provides assistance and advice to client companies in order to adapt them to the new regulations envisaged by the Consolidated Law on health and safety in the workplace, using work of professionals and technicians specialized in a subject that is gradually evolving and becoming  more compelling not only at a theoretical level but also on a practical level, in compliance with European regulations.


Main Services

– Risk valuation document – DVR
– Risk valuation document with standardized procedure D.M. 30/11/2012 (for companies up to 10 workers)
– External RSPP (annual mandate)
– Employees’ training
– Appointments / designation of occupational doctors, first aid and fire-fighting personnel
– Advice, opinions and interpretations on health and safety regulations.

For assistance in the field of health and safety, our firm relies on the collaboration of internal and external professionals as well as e-learning training platforms.