How the Payrolls are managed?


Personnel administration must be a strong point for every company and this must be managed with maximum organization, efficiency, productivity and optimization of costs.

The Firm supports companies in pursuing these business purposes, entrusting a project manager who follows open positions on each resource. In the matter of Labor consulting, we study case by case the framing of  employment relationships needed by business owners.

Our team of professionals is attentive to incorporate the numerous reforms affecting this sector and takes advantage of all the facilities that involve companies. If they engage in permanent or other forms of recruitment, we commit to offer them promptly to the company owners. In times of crisis it is indeed necessary  for company ownership to use all those jobs that result in minor increases in personnel expenses.

Before taking each professional task, our experts provide an accurate budget of employee’s labor cost reporting the company’s payload and the gross salary to be paid as well as other essential informations for an appropriate planning of the entire annual workforce expenditure.

After providing all the advice at the beginning of the employment relationship, The Firm is able to practice a complete personnel administration, taking care of all  related obligations, therefore the payroll service is kept by specialist Labor Consultants on different areas of commerce, services, crafts, construction, which manage the paycheck in full harmony with the companies’   administrative bodies, noting and calculating the monthly employee’s attendance.


Main services

– Holding of mandatory books and  required company’s registrations
– Regular monthly processing of Payments + Mod. Delegation F24 + Uniemens dependent flows
– Annual Processing and Telematic Transmission of CUD employees modules and 770 companies (annual) modules.
– Processing and electronic transmission of National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work salary claims (annual)
– Statistical processing and useful in defining labor cost projections
– Labour consultancy for choosing the most beneficial type of contract
– Budget of personnel costs (direct, indirect and deferred costs) and projection on a monthly and annual basis.
– Severance indemnity management and supplementary funds
– Opening of social security positions – National Social Welfare Institution, National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, Building Funds, Complementary Pension Funds, in addition to the ordinary management of these relationships
– Communication to Job Centers in case of hiring and changing of employment relationships.
– Contractual formulation and correspondence between individual company and institutions.
– Assistance during on-site inspections or tax assessments and at the social security and welfare institutions.
– Advice and assistance for administrative deferment and installment of payments