Labour Law Assistance

What is our assistance?

Our customers can count onĀ  expertise and the added value of our team of professionals, who daily deal with labor consulting and personnel administration’s issues.

Full assistance is provided in all the following cases:

– Assistance in case of inspections (former Labor Inspectorate,INPS, National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work )
– Assistance in tax and social security assessments at social security and welfare institutions
– Drawing of statements and administrative appeals against minutes of Supervisory Institutes.
– Consultancy and Assistance for Administrative Dilutions and payment in installments
– Preparation of counts and drafting of detailed technical reports as a party-appointed consultant.
– Representation for individual and collective disputes in mandatory attempt of conciliation with Provincial Labor Directorates
– Determination of personnel costs, with definition of career paths and role analysis
– Assistance for establishment, performance and termination of employment and pseudo employment-based relationships
– Preparing and printing of pay slips and related annual declarative documents
– Regular monitoring and verification at the holding as well as updating of the company’s work record and social security documentation