Transfer of shares company

Accordingly with the law of August 6th, 2008 it is provided that the documents in question may be signed in digital form, by an authorized intermediary according to article 31 paragraph 2-quater of law n.340/2000. The Firm promptly assists all the delicate procedure of sales of LTD companies’ shares without notary intervention, through the informatic subscription of documents in compliance with the current regulations.

At this stage, the Advisor, as an intermediary, prepares the termsheet of transfer to a maximum extent, carrying out the approrpiate checks over the process and paying attention to the eventuality of foreclosures, pre-emptive rights or anything else.
After putting the digital signatures from assignors and assignees, the official document is submitted to the digital signatures of all parties including that of the intermediary who will sign with a time stamp, necessary to verify the actual date.

This procedure goes through the depositing phase with competent Authorities, in the first place to the Revenue Agency with the simultaneous payment of the registration tax amount of € 200 for each transfer made. Once the depository receipt is processed, it prepares the subsequent processing in the Business Register.

Main services

– Share/holdings of companies

– Checks on foreclosures of holdings

-Verifications on protests registered in the name of the interested shareholders