Extraordinary Operations


Instances of companies which decide to support  ordinary management and  use of extraordinary operations, are more and more frequent. The availment of these operations, which is certainly physiological in the company’s business cycle and framed within a particular economic context such as the one in which today’s companies operate, takes on the role of overcoming crisis. In addition to taking care of the tax, accounting and statutory aspects connected to extraordinary operations, we aim to help companies that want to go into a restructuring process in order to

choose the type best suited to their business model and to follow its evolution in relation to the  triggered in the strategic, organizational and financial dimensions.

Here is a list of the operations we have dealt with:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Demergers
  • Asset Sale, Corporate Units, Holdings
  • Contributions
  • Company transformations
  • Company rentals
  • Increases and reductions of share capital
  • Business networks
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of companies

Main services


  1. Restructuring and restoration plans
  2. Due Diligence of the target company (economic, financial and accounting assessment of the counterpart in the processed transaction)
  3. Strategy of leases
  4. Business Plan
  5. Elaboration of strategic plans
  6. Modification of structure and statutory form
  7. Analysis of the eligibility conditions for the operation
  8. Transfer of ownership and control