Legal audit


The Firm perfectly understands the rules and sets out the essential guidelines: the obligation imposed by European Directive 2006/43 / EC on certain companies, in order to have their annual accounts checked by a qualified professional, aims to protect the public interest.

The certified financial statements offer more guarantees and increase the trust of all parties that interact with the business activity


Given the difficulties of companies in obtaining financing from banks, this is a standard rule designed to encourage  creation of new joint-stock companies that lend themselves better, compared to Limited Liability companyes, to fund raising on risk and debt capital  market.
Therefore the goal  is to find values in financial statements to be reasonable and responsive to the actual business’ activity situation. The statutory auditor, or the auditing company, must express their opinion on the reliability of  financial statements and  consolidated financial statements of companies subject to statutory audits, highlighting, if necessary, presence of errors and proceeding with detailed checks.

Verification activities are periodic and focused on  regular keeping of social accounting, on correct recording of management facts in accounting records and on the evaluation of both ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions.

While the auditor is responsible for verifying the correctness of social books and accounting records, the board of statutory auditors monitors the administrative body’s work and the functionality of the organization, actively participating in company decisions.

Legal audit is reserved for members of the Register of Legal Auditors which currently keeps a nationwide list on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

In addition to offering its experience and professionalism for auditing and the above mentioned auditing activities, The Firm and its staff intend to carry out audits for companies that need informations about their possible problems, even in case of company restructuring, transformation, mergers and sales of companies or acquisitions.

As estabilished, at the end of assignment the Auditor is provided with the duty to draw up a report containing opinion on the financial statements and to  verify regular keeping of accounting records.


Main Services

Audit activities consist:

  • Voluntary auditing
  • Legal account auditing
  • Union audits at the registered office
  • Suitability views specified by law